Posted by: karenevoss | April 19, 2011


“Everybody needs somebody sometimes.” -Everybody, Keith Urban

Have you ever really thought about why certain people sustain a meaning in your life?

Everyone enters into your life for a specific purpose. While at times the purpose is crystal clear, others revealed in time, if at all. One person has the opportunity to affect many people’s lives or that of humanity. Anyone in a medical profession has a purpose to keep you healthy or to use their research and expertise to get you healthy. To maintain a high quality of life for yourself and the people around you is the goal. An obtainable goal for everyone is to help others in every aspect of their life.

The person next to you might be your connection to the next best thing. It could be your future spouse, a future boss, a potential client, a new patient, a new friend, or just someone who will allow you to see with new eyes. A relationship formed today could lead you to a new career and a better life. The connections you make every day may not only impact your life, but also the lives of a million other people.

Am I on your list? Are you on mine?



  1. Karen,
    Russ was definitely one of those “people” for you. I have seen you grow and blossom tremendously since his death. I am happy for you and I am so in awe of your progress. Russ’s unfortunate death was a horrible tragedy for you to endure but I do believe that it was also a great gift for you given how you have blossomed since then. My mother’s death was a spiritual spring board for me as well. And I am grateful for that. Everyone we encounter does have a gift for us whether we realize it right away or not. Karen, you are a gift to all of us. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Sally. As Jim had wrote in his euology about being gifts to one another. Russ was my gift and will always be present in my heart, soul, and mind. His struggles are my encouragement. His death is my journey forward and everything I have dealt with has made me a stronger,better and more thoughtful person. I am glad to have friends to encourage me all the way. Russ would be proud and happy knowing of the progress I have made. He is with me always.

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