Posted by: karenevoss | April 25, 2011


“We return to you deep within, leave the past to the dust. Turn to you with tears and fasting, you are ready to forgive. Without seeing you, we love you. Without touching, we embrace. Without knowing you, we follow. Without seeing you, we believe.” – Without Seeing You, David Haas

Spring brings about renewal not only for ourselves, but also the world. Spring has sprung is a term we hear every March when the spring equinox occurs, however, it means so much more. It is a time of year when the animals of the earth bring new life into the world. The grass, plants, flowers, and leaves all begin to grow and flourish. The sky opens up bringing forth rain and sun to allow all things to begin anew.

People also catch the spring influence. Children become more active outdoors and anticipate the ending of the school year. Sports, gardening, sprucing up the house and the yard, and gatherings of families and friends are just a few ways spring is in the air.

With spring brings the Easter season. A season of awe and wonder, life and death, and renewal and rebirth. Though in winter the elements of the earth wilt and pass on, each spring the same elements are reborn. Our spirits are reborn with hope, faith, and love. Our hearts fill with more love and our spirituality takes on new life with new meaning. Our faith becomes stronger as our hearts become more open to love and care.

This year spring brings acceptance, forgiveness, release, and new meaning to my life. I am continuing to discover my authentic self and am becoming more aware of my surroundings. I have an obligation to help, inform, inspire and motivate others which makes receiving my iConnect volunteer badge and shirt for the Y much more valuable. iConnect stands for Coach-Outreach-Network-Nurture-Encourage-Care-Teach. Handpicked  for a volunteer position with iConnect last summer, it is this spring that has allowed me to feel more connected to my work. Even without the Y support, I am always connecting with others and enjoy doing so.


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