Posted by: karenevoss | May 5, 2011

What will tomorrow bring?

“I don’t really know what tomorrow will bring, but I’m open to all possibilities. Cause’ I still believe”. – I Still Believe, Danny Gokey

Do you know what tomorrow will bring?

If everyone asked another person this question, many responses would be given. No one really knows what today will bring much less tomorrow. Oh, someone will tell you the prediction for the day or the daily routine, but even the best of intentions and planning are subject to changing with the snap of one’s fingers. The weather, an emergency, a tragedy, traffic, running late to an appointment, a forgotten assignment, a missed deadline or even burnt dinner can interrupt the course of the day.

Avoid thinking instances are “bad” or “wrong”. A “trip-up” in your day, plans, or events might lead you to your best day yet! Down time may lead you to meeting someone new and getting them involved in a new activity. You may inspire someone to pursue an activity or something else their soul is calling them to do. We should not automatically presume a glitch will create failure. Instead, create an opportunity to better your day, yourself, or someone else. It could even be a stranger. Operating with our lower brain creates a safe and same environment, however, operating with the higher brain and seeing all possibilities as opportunities creates the change we all need to see occur.



  1. very nice Karen!

  2. Thank You Laura!

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