Posted by: karenevoss | May 19, 2011

Taking you there

I wanted to take us back to an Authentic Self~Kosmic Consciousness retreat for those who have embraced one of the awesome retreats and to paint the picture of one for those who haven’t yet.

Let me take you back…

To a place where you connected with many other people.

To a place where days began early with a sunrise, a gentle breeze, maybe dolphins were in view.

To a place where sand was at our feet, the sun was shining down upon us warming us up for what was to come.

To a place where the jungle meets the sea.

To a place where our hearts joined as one and opened us up to all there is, to all that will be, to bring change in the world everyone needs to see and experience.

To a place where friendships are forever.

To a place that takes your breath away.

Do you remember walks on the beach, playing with the ocean, watching the pelicans, taking a hike to a volcano?

Do you remember conquering yoga and taking in a sunset?

Do you remember sharing your journey and experiences?

Do you remember embracing each other, laughing and smiling through tears?

Do you remember creating your Declaration, the song of your soul?

Do you remember writing your reSOULutions to bring about change?

Do you remember being strong and reading your Declaration to the ocean?

Do you remember connecting your heart with someone else and being as one?

Do you remember music resonating through us, taking us higher, and creating the resounding I AM?

“Then came the night warm and dark

Draggin’ its’ chains across our hearts

The moon was full, the grass was wet”

 As we took in an awesome sunset…

As we move forward, let’s remember how we affect others, the joy life brings, the hope we all bring, and the change in bringing the world together.

 Song lyrics: Then Came the Night, Tommy Shane Steiner



  1. Beautiful Karen! Simply beautiful….

    • Thank You Laura! I am glad I can take people back and encourage others to come along next time 🙂

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