Posted by: karenevoss | May 31, 2011


“Heal the world. Make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race. There are people dying if you care enough for the living. Make a better place for you and for me”. – Heal the World, Michael Jackson

What comes to mind when you hear the word healing? Do you think of the needs of yourself, friends and family, a neighbor, a child with cancer, or the world?

Healing defined according to the Miriam-Webster dictionary states, “1. To make sound or whole; to restore to health; 2. to cause (an undesirable condition to be overcome) to patch up; 3. to restore to original purity or integrity”.

Healing occurs with the help of medical practitioners, someone who touches your life, family, friends, and even pets/animals. The ability to heal mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually lies within us. We have heard we heal from the inside out. We physically see bruises, cuts and scrapes heal from the outside, but we are unable to see ourselves healing from the inside. I am not just talking about illnesses diagnosed. There are a plethora of unseen illnesses/diagnosis’.

You can look at someone and their facial expressions may reveal their feelings. Do you know how much they are hurting? Can you tell where healing is actually needed? Since you cannot know the true heat of a flame until you touch it, you therefore cannot fully feel someone’s pain until you experience their life.

A kind word, a gentle touch, understanding, compassion and lending an ear are ways most of us know helps people heal. Prayers, a spiritual guide, a religious person, a wellness coach, a life coach, a personal trainer, a higher brain living facilitator, or even a stranger provide services on a whole nother angle. Taking a natural, more holistic approach to healing eliminates chemical substances from entering our physical selves and addresses issues unseen.

Music may also contribute to the healing process. Music touches the soul for many whether it invigorates, assists with sleep, takes you on a journey, resonates your thoughts or takes you to a calm place. It makes you act like a child, sing like an angel, and paint a picture of your dreams. Music gives you energy, allows you to express feelings by singing along or releasing tears for both happiness and sadness and at the same time. It may reveal ideas not even thought of yet.

Like many things, healing works in mysterious ways. Being able to see it with your eyes, touch it with your hands, hear it with your ears, taste it with your mouth, and smell it with your nose leads to numerous possibilities. Sit back, relax, breathe, watch and listen on how you can aid healing. Allow yourself to heal and grow.

Heal the World


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