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Higher Brain Living

“This is your moment…”

  • What if you could become part of the greater good of humanity impacting the world, would you be interested?
  • Would you find yourself called to become a part of a driving movement that changes the world in which we live?
  • How do you feel about transforming thoughts and ideas into dreams and then transforming those dreams into something empowering?

 “If you ever dreamed, if you ever longed for, more than just hoped for all that your life might become.”

In the movie Peter Pan, the children with the help of fairy dust, were given instructions to think happy thoughts in order to fly. As a child you think this is pretty cool and attempt to do the same. If we are lucky, as adults, we still believe in the magic of childhood. If you keep active your imagination, you always have that magic. Now what if you could have a joyful, heart warming moment every day for your entire life? What is the happiest moment you remember? What makes you fly?

“If you ever leaped with nothing to catch you, frozen in time counting the wishes one by one.”

I like the feeling of flying high. It is as if nothing could bring you down, nothing can hurt you, and everything is possible. It is the feeling of no fear and there are no limits, no boundaries, nothing to hold you back. What most people do not know are these feelings can occur everyday for the rest of our lives through Higher Brain Living (HBL).

“Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what’s on the other side?” (Rainbow Connection, Kermit the Frog) is what Kermit asked in his song and he is so right to ask. We tend to think a pot of gold is at the end of a rainbow without going to look for ourselves. Yet, no one knows what is on the other side of a fence because of fear of what lies there i.e. a vicious dog. What we “know” will always remain the same because we live within our lower brain where “sameness=safety”. When you are safe, nothing can hurt you and you will not advance in life, but never again does this have to be.

“And it’s not too late just when you think you’ll never find yourself, you can”

As I stated, we are living with an Old Lower Survival Brain where anxiety, worry, and stress pool subjecting ourselves to a variety of health related problems. We are capable of living with a New Evolved Higher Brain where more abundance, confidence, and joy prevail and transform into a better life for you and humanity.

Courtesy of Higher Brain Living

“That feeling you encountered is produced by your higher brain, an area called the prefrontal cortex (the newest part of the human brain). AWAKEN Higher Brain Living centers promote a shift from lower brain to higher brain living by engaging, the virtually untapped, highest most evolved part of the brain. This results in rapid stress release and the awakening of who you are meant to become. ‘Higher Brain Living’ is the application of the energized brain state to all the areas of your life” (Dr. Michael Cotton, Higher Brain Living Facebook Page).

“The technique that leads to Higher Brain Living was created by Dr. Michael Cotton and is called H.E.A.R.T. -Human Emergence and Rapid Transformation”. “The revolutionary H.E.A.R.T. process shifts humanity from lower brain to higher brain living. As you process through the 3 TIERS of H.E.A.R.T. you will ultimately discover your authentic self and fully express that authenticity in all areas of your life” (Dr. Michael Cotton, Higher Brain Living Facebook Page).

Growing up I often dreamt of my wedding day. This dream came true in August 2008 when I married Russ. Even though we had been dating for nearly four years, our lives were just beginning. After four short months of marriage, my life changed drastically. Russ who suffered from Mental Illness completed suicide at our residence in December 2008. Upon finding him and going into shock, I thought my life at age 31 would never go on, that I would not be able to live without him.

As days progressed into weeks and months, I dealt with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder issues (flashbacks, reliving course of events, nightmares), symptoms of depression (lack of energy, a motivational low, and a sea of tears for weeks), insomnia, and survivor guilt. I gained weight, suffered from emotional stress, and my spirituality hit a dead-end. I relied on my physician, grief/trauma counselor, a Survivor’s of Suicide support group, my local Y, and later my chiropractors to help cope/work through the major issues, but certain issues still lingered.

“Window in life that you’ve got to break through, to let in the sun takes only one heart beat to do. Let your fears disappear and turn to dust to sweep away”

In November 2010, I attended my first HBL presentation and the happiest moment I could remember was my wedding day and I shed a couple of tears; nothing could have come between immersing two lives, two hearts into one. It was bewildering how the process could improve my life.  At this time I had still been dealing with daily bouts of guilt from Russ’ death and even though I was hesitant and skeptical of HBL, I signed up for my first two of many H.E.A.R.T. sessions. In February 2011, while doing my HBL homework, I revealed to myself that I was guilt free and I remain that way. This was only the beginning of my awesome HBL journey.

Physically I have been dealing with arthritis in my knees preventing me from being as physically active as I would like. Since beginning my H.E.A.R.T. sessions, I can now achieve fitness and competition goals I only dreamt about. I am able now to complete a Body Pump class (strength based) at the Y with minimal pain and discomfort. I have competed in an Indoor Triathlon and an Idle Ironman (a complete Ironman requiring completion in a month). I completed the Idle Ironman in fifteen days in order to rest an injured foot before an Authentic Self~Kosmic Consciousness (AS~KC) retreat. I am reaching weight loss and athletic goals on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Mentally, my mind has expanded coming up with ideas for writing, helping others, and saving lives. In March 2011, I attended my first AS~KC retreat at the Mar de Jade Retreat Center in Chacala, Mexico. I cannot put into words how awesome and mind opening this retreat would be for me. I came away from the retreat not only discovering my authentic self, but also having dealt with grief from Russ’ death I did not know still existed.

It was during the retreat where I discovered my passion for writing and how my journey after Russ’s death would lead me to being an advocate for saving lives. I created a blog, I am enrolling in writing courses, and exploring other writing opportunities to pursue my passion. I am currently on the planning team for the Milwaukee Community Out of the Darkness Walk benefiting suicide prevention and education and it is my personal goal this year to attract more walkers, donors, and sponsors.

Being able to address lasting grief led me to move forward even more. Being in a safe environment allowed me to unlock enormous amounts of unshed tears and I cleansed my soul. It was on the beach where I was just “being” when I accepted Russ’s death, which is the last step of grief. At the same time, I felt I could forgive God and be forgiven by God (I had a lot of anger towards God for allowing this tragedy to occur). My spirituality went back on track and I cried releasing the emotional weight I carried with me. That night I would share this grand achievement with Dr. Cotton and fellow retreaters; I was definitely flying high.

“How will you know just how far you can go if you can’t find it in you to try. Jump without looking down once in your life”

I created a Declaration of my Authentic Self and each day I have been living it. As I continue to grow, I am expanding the ways I can change the world. My journey has only just begun, it will continue as long as I do the work and build on my thoughts, ideas, and dreams.

Throughout this writing piece I have been quoting from “Your Moment“. I encourage you to read the lyrics in their entirety and listen to the song. I also encourage you to attend one of the free AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Presentations and live Demonstrations and contact an AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Center for more information. AWAKEN to the person you are truly meant to become!

“This is your moment, this is what you’ve been waiting for. This is your one chance if you’ll just walk right through that door. Seizing it for everything that it is, believing that anything’s possible. This is your moment”



  1. Karen, what an awesome blog! I so appreciate you!

    • Thank you Michael! I appreciate HBL and everything you do! To have this opportunity means so much to me and being able to share it with everyone in the world is so encouraging. 🙂

  2. You are on fire with your Authentic Self!!! GO KAREN! Happy Birthday

    • Thank you Drew! My authentic self is begging to be discovered even more! An awesome birthday it was! 🙂

  3. I applaud you Karen! keep it up!

  4. Karen,

    Glad to hear you had a fantastic birthday doing exactly what you wanted to do.

    Your writing is beautiful. What wonderful things to discover!!! Congratulations. sounds like the retreat provided a safe place for your healing and growth at the same time.

    Enjoy your writing as you celebrate your authentic self and the growth that lies ahead for you.

    Be well…

    • Thank you Rita. It was nice meeting you and being able to connect at an Awaken HBL center. This is just the beginning for me, a step in my journey to my authentic self.

  5. Karen, you really do have a wonderful way with words and capturing the feelings that go along with the story. And what a great story you have told in your own words about HBL. I couldn’t have said it better. Annie

    • Thank You Annie! When I was writing my story last winter, my cousin informed me to be descriptive. I did just that and now I remember this every time I write. She had also said my story needs to be told and I am doing just that and more. Maybe there will be a HBL 2 post as my journey continues because it never sleeps which includes attracting people to HBL. I am glad I have a chance to do so.

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