Posted by: karenevoss | June 30, 2011

Called to be Gifts

“The gifts we have we are given to share”. –We Are Many Parts, Marty Haugen

I remember hearing many times during my journey in the last few years that God had a path for me and a reason for why Heaven received Russ so soon. I did not believe them for I was grieving and could not think past tomorrow. Then things began to change and I began to finally emerge from the cocoon I was in to become a butterfly revealing the gifts Russ left for me. 

I used to consider myself a “Survivor” after my husband’s completion of suicide in December 2008. It meant I was able to cope and move forward after tragedy. Being a survivor meant I survived…post-traumatic stress disorder which included: flashbacks, reliving the course of events from the day before into the morning I found him, and disturbing real-life dreams; symptoms of depression which included a sea of tears for weeks, low motivational levels and little to no energy; emotionally stressed tension headaches and insomnia.

I am no longer a “Survivor”, but a “Thriver”. I was completely lost, but I have been finding myself. I have discovered and am continuing to discover my authentic self and what gifts I have to give and share with the world. From darkness comes light and my heart and eyes are wide open, taking it all in. My mind is expanding with growth as the gifts I have continue to burst forth.

I AM a gift to the world.

I have a voice which speaks strong, bold and true. It informs how many lives in many settings and situations have and will be saved, how far I have traveled, and how far I am going to travel to and I see no limits.

I AM granted an ability to inspire for I have not given up. Each step I take shows progress in which I have taken great leaps. This progress is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I motivate with the strength, hope and love I have for people. I volunteer and encourage people to follow their dreams, to become healthier and happier and to remain that way. I lead by example, push forward and move ahead. I share my journey and guide others the way to theirs.

I possess the ability to share the written word with myself and the world. I AM blessed with the ability to share and create memories with my camera, through scrapbooking and greeting card creating, through my writing and when I open my heart to a friend. I possess the ability to hear people’s stories and journeys and then to learn.

I AM on a never-ending journey and my gifts to the world will continue to grow. I AM just beginning to spread my wings and soar. What will be my next voyage? God only knows. I AM open to all possibilities and opportunities to shine my light to the world!

What are the gifts you bring to the world?
What talents do you have that you can share?
If your life ended tomorrow, what would someone take away from your life’s journey? Would you leave a legacy? Would you leave a story?
Have you left inspiration behind?
Have you informed others of your gifts?


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