Posted by: karenevoss | July 8, 2011

Hugs NOT Drugs

“Born to be and to always remain drug free” –K.E.Voss

“Hugs NOT Drugs” is a phrase I placed into my thoughts and my vocabulary shortly beginning chiropractic care in 2010 at South Shore Family Chiropractic (formerly known as Potisk Chiropractic & Wellness Center). Though I did not develop it, my former chiropractor Dr. Drew Neville who is now a facilitator for an AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Center, ingrained it into my brain shortly after starting to receive care. The phrase makes complete sense. We are born innocent and free of harm yet we live in a world where prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications have become the norm in order to heal.

I am unable to say I have never consumed “drugs” as an adult. Since January 2009, I have taken medications to combat symptoms of depression: low energy, lack of motivation, and emotional distress; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms: sleep disturbances and flashbacks; as well as for others symptoms of grieving after the  traumatic experience of losing my husband to suicide in December 2008. I had also been subjected to tension headaches due to emotional stress and TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder) which affects the jaw and the surrounding areas. I have taken different prescription medications and over-the-counter medications to cope with pain and discomfort and a couple were not necessarily designed for headaches.

The last medication I took for the headaches was Propranolol whose main purpose is for treating high-blood pressure. Writing this on my initial paperwork at SSFC raised questions from Dr. Drew since the drug was new to him. When I explained to him the drug’s intention, he asked me “how high is your blood pressure?” and my response was “its not”. He stated a way that said, “that is the point and let’s get you off them”. Six weeks after my initial adjustment, I was completely off the drugs and have not taken them since. I now have the tools to assist in relieving headaches such as checking my hydration and performing YTWL (Your Tension Will Lessen) stretches, and using Peppermint Oil. On the rare occasion the tools fail and I am unable to receive an adjustment at SSFC by Dr. Steven Scheuing, my current chiropractor and owner at SSFC, it is only then do I reach for an over-the-counter medication.

I have acquired two additional tools to assist in my healing, growth, and development. The first tool I added to my tool belt is a newer movement, Higher Brain Living, which I have previously posted about that has changed my life. I am aware and open to new ideas, solutions, and ways I can improve my health and encourage others to do the same. I am a “work in progress” because I am constantly evolving and emerging into who I AM.

The second tool in my possession are Young Living Essential Oils. Introduced to Essential Oils by my friend and Community Outreach Director for AWAKEN Higher Brain Living as well as the Owner of the Hayden House of Healing LLC, Tally Hayden, has changed how I heal/protect my body. I started using Essential Oils at the Dare to Be Aware Fair in April 2011, but did not start using them on my own until June 2011. So far, I have only been using them for pain and healing from working out, a bruised ball joint in my foot, and boosting my immune system. I continue to learn how they will be more beneficial to myself and others. My favorite oil is Peppermint and she has been very good to me. I convinced a co-worker to try Ms. Pepper on her sore wrist from surgery and she was very excited to feel it working and to reduce the pain. Bonus…it smells great too!

Being able to expose people to a more holistic and natural approach to health care is beneficial for everyone involved. Living the “Hugs NOT Drugs” life keeps unnecessary chemicals out of our bodies  and our minds.



  1. Dr. Drew here: I am glad that we crossed paths! An honor to be an integral part in your journey!

    • Thank You Drew, that means a lot to me. I wouldn’t have made it this far in my journey had you not been guiding me and pushing me to my limits and beyond. I value your expertise and your friendship.

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