Posted by: karenevoss | August 8, 2011

Before You

“If you’re the reason for all that I’ve been through then I’m thankful for the day before you”  –The Day Before You, Rascal Flatts

In the years before your arrival in my life, I was a different person. I had been, as a teenager, quiet and not too social. I compared myself as a turtle tucked inside my shell, waiting for something to happen or someone to arrive and coax me out. Growing older and entering college, aided my emergence out of my shell, but it was not until I left Wisconsin to complete my college education in Michigan did my shell disappear. Removing myself from a difficult environment 350 miles away allowed me to see things differently and become socially involved with new friends and classmates. Although being new, I felt warmly welcomed to the campus and the campus Parish. If I had not chosen a college away from home to receive my Bachelor’s Degree, I might not have become as talkative and social as I am today.

In the months before you, I moved out into a world of “new’s”. From the south side of Milwaukee, I moved to the east side. I see now, I moved to the east side for the wrong set of reasons, but that was due to high expectations. Things were not bad though as I maneuvered around a new side of town until the rent was too high, the apartment became too dorm-like and the main reason I moved was gone. I made the decision to move back to the south side, but not after I developed talent with crafts. Had I not moved back, I may never have met you.

In the weeks before you, I had been lonely. I had been looking  to filling the void in my life; not sure what I needed to search for. The phone rang one day from a friend who had a single male friend who did not drink, smoke and is Catholic. I said sure, let us plan a date which turned out becoming a double date night set for dinner and a haunted house. Nothing fancy, just relaxing with friends. Had I not connected with an old friend and had she not known you, I may have not met you for a first date.

In the days before you, I became excited counting down to having a date and praying that it would go ok. It helped knowing we already had a couple of things in common, including friends. I would learn later on just how many people knew we were having a date and they would know how it went with the grin I had on my face the next day. Had it not been for mutual friends, I may not had exposure to a bunch of loving people who would become “family”.

In the hours before meeting you, I became nervous. I knew little about you, but I was informed you looked like Dr. Greene from ER and that I happened to know of some of your friends. I knew to dress down for the occasion due to the haunted house, but still I wanted to set a good first impression. We would send you home before the haunted house to change for you were too dressy to get messy. Waiting around the house for my ride, I wondered what you were like, what you liked to do, and would we be compatible. Had October 23, 2004 never arrived, I may have never been more excited to meet you.

In the minutes before seeing and meeting you, time could not have gone slower. Seconds seemed like minutes. Minutes seemed like hours. Being informed you did not talk a lot, made me even more nervous about what we all would talk about and what everything really meant. Then you arrived and the nervousness disappeared…it was then I met you.

It would only take a couple of hours before we held hands on the way from the haunted house and for you to offer to take me home.  We talked for hours, exchanged phone numbers and shared our first kiss. Two weeks later, I knew I loved you, but would have to wait nearly two months to tell you, for you told me then. It was a magical Christmas that year and for two more following. You fulfilled the void in my life and would be complete when we would marry on August 9, 2008.

Happy Anniversary my love, my angel in waiting.


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