Posted by: karenevoss | August 23, 2011

Beauty All Around

Have you truly ever noticed the pure beauty which surrounds us? Picture this.

The blue sky light showing through the white puffy clouds. The sun showing its’ radiating colors and rays from the clouds. The way the sun reflects off the water. Look across the water and you see the majestic skyline. As you glance towards the sky, you see a marvelous bird, wings spread wide soaring beneath the clouds and above the trees searching for food. Within a mighty, full tree lies a well-tended nest with a few young mouths to feed.


Trees young and old standing on strong ground surrounded by plush, green grass, perfect for wandering barefoot in. Complimenting the lush grass, bountiful plants and flowers. Plants of all kinds in different shapes, sizes, and color producing the most wonderful fruits and vegetables from green to red to orange and yellow. Flowers of every color imaginable, a rainbow array blooming to their heart’s content at morning, noon, and night. Being fed by the sun, clouds, and water reproducing until the season passes.

Nighttime approaches, the full orange harvest moon rises, shining over the water. The majestic stars appear forming brilliant constellations. Can you spot the big and small dippers, Orion, or others? Perhaps you see the North Star, a planet, or a satellite. If you are lucky, you may see a falling or shooting star. Breathtaking isn’t it?

Yes, the beauty of nature surrounds us daily in our waking and in our sleeping. Beauty does not only exist outside, it exists within us.

God created us based on an image only known to him. We all were born for a specific purpose, on a path or journey revealed to us at some point in our lives. It may take a tragic event, an illness, or something else to realize the purpose in our lives. It may take weeks, months, years, or decades to truly figure out the gifts we have to bring to the world. It may form in several career changes or in addition to our current job.

We may become eyes for someone, opening them up to a whole new world. We may discover a passion which becomes your fuel for the fire burning within ready for release. You could led to help others in a way you never dreamed of. You may discover possibilities and opportunities you had never even thought of.

“At the end of the water, a red sun is risin’ and the stars are all goin’ away and if you’re too busy talkn’, you’re not busy listenin’ to hear what the land has to say. Quiet your mind”. Quiet Your Mind –Zac Brown Band

  • Look: for beauty around you inside and out
  • Listen: for the inner voice reveals what you need to hear
  • Live: your journey and share with others
  • Discover: discover and define your talents
  • Dream: your thoughts into action
  • Do: put your actions into motion


  1. thank you Karen, that’s beautiful!

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