Posted by: karenevoss | December 1, 2011

Profoundly Stated

“You’re gonna make it after all” –Love is All Around, Paul Williams

If you could only name several people or groups of people who have had a profound effect on your life, would you be able to do so? Think hard or maybe you don’t have to for you already know. They could be relatives, friends, co-workers, medical professionals, athletes, musicians, or writers, etc.

In the last couple of years, I’ve become more athletic and have been working to improve my overall health. This is where my physician, chiropractors’, the facilitators’ in higher brain living, a natural health practitioner, massage therapist, and friends who teach group classes, come into play. Without these people, I wouldn’t be as athletic as I am or planning to be. I may still be dealing with health issues, such as bad tension headaches/migraines, where instead of getting treatment, I might still be taking prescription medication. I don’t need prescription medications and many over-the-counter medications anymore nor do I like them. I have a big picture goal of the southeast Wisconsin Danskin Triathlon in August 2012 and have several objectives such as an Indoor Tri, Idle Ironman, and running a 5K to lead me there.

Then there are my facilitator’s within Higher Brain Living (HBL) who have been leading me to a brighter future. I mean this in two ways. The first, without them I might still be dealing with lingering symptoms of grief and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). By no means did they cure me, I had my grief/trauma counselor help work through most of my symptoms. While doing the work of HBL, I eliminated trouble spots such as survivor guilt (which I dealt with daily for two years) and flashbacks. Secondly, I’ve discovered my passion for writing which I believe I knew I had within me, but didn’t know it entirely. An Authentic Self~Kosmic Consciousness retreat would reveal this talent. Now I’m on my way to being a published writer and I will write a book down the road. I share my story and journey with others to inform, inspire and help shine light where darkness might lie.

When I began thinking of writing my first story about my journey, I would happen to meet a distant cousin who is a writer/author. She agreed to edit this story when I was ready. The sea of red I saw, from her comments didn’t deter me from my pursuit. In fact, another story I wrote and she edited will be in print very soon. It wasn’t long before I met someone else, through the HBL community, who’s also a writer. She’s been encouraging me and giving me advice. Through both of these ladies, I have been learning a lot and I’m still growing. They will continually be a part of my life.

I can attribute my progress and success on my journey to a number of profound people and they will continue to lead me on. My journey is never-ending.

Red heart

Love is All Around



  1. And we as facilitators could not do what we need to do without people like you Karen! -Drew

    • Thank you for all your help. I wouldn’t have come this far on my journey (and still going) without great people to coach me along. I am grateful. -Karen

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