Posted by: karenevoss | January 1, 2012

Ignite the Inner You

“Once in every lifetime there’s a chance to stand apart. We can show the world our very best, reveal what’s in our heart. So the story goes and glory never will end. Inspiration lights the fire within”. –Light the Fire Within, LeAnn Rimes

As 2011 came to a close, we think of all we’ve accomplished, achieved, and put forth in the past year. You may have graduated college, gotten married, became a parent, started a new job or career, started attending college or taking college classes. Maybe you became published, took up a new hobby, made new friends, or became part of something greater.

My question is this: What have you done for yourself? Take a few minutes to reflect on you.

As I reflect on me, I can see how far I’ve come this past year.  I started a journey of my authentic self and made some changes in my life. I worked through grief I didn’t know still existed and in doing so I was able to accept my husband’s death and reconnect spiritually. I finished writing a story I put off and now I’m working to have it published as well as have it transform into a future book. I wrote my Survival Story for the Mental Health Association of Wisconsin, Survivors Helping Survivors, and it will be in print in January 2012; I’m also hoping to get it in print in other publications. I became more athletic and accomplished my goals and am proud of me! I’ve lit my inner fire and now I’m watching it expand!

Sound great, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t answer the question: Who have I become in the last year?

Have I’ve become someone I’m proud of? Have I reached all my action steps I created to achieve what I want in the four dimensions (mind, body, relationships, and environment) of my life?

  • I’ve become stronger in mind and body.
  • I’ve been inspiring people when I speak of my journey.
  • I informed more people on suicide awareness and encouraged them to join or donate to the Out of the Darkness Walk for suicide education and prevention helping make it the biggest year yet.
  • I’ve motivated people to become more involved in opportunities within their lives.
  • I’ve unknowingly helped save lives by being part of something greater.
  • I’ve learned listening to my heart and mind lead to better things.
  • I’ve made some lifetime friends.
  • I’ve become part of a growing community who help transform lives throughout the world.

This is what I achieved this past year. What have you done for you?

For 2012,  I will create reSOULutions representing the four dimensions of my life and declare more of my authentic self! I encourage you to do the same.


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