Posted by: karenevoss | February 19, 2012

To Dance

To Dance
February 19, 2012

I remember dancing with the man I would eventually marry at a friend’s wedding. He hadn’t really slow danced before and he danced wonderfully, not missing a step.

When we became engaged, we chose our song and I selected other pieces we might also dance to. Within the confines of our houses, we practiced to get it right so there were no mis-steps on our wedding day. A time to hold close and cherish, to embrace and live in the moment. With no one else around, it didn’t matter if toes became smooshed, if you bumped into something, or took breaks to kiss or hold each other. With the magic present, nothing else mattered.

The most special day arrived, our wedding day. Russ and I invited by our DJ to approach the dance floor to start the reception. The first dance as husband and wife and we’re on the dance floor alone. Everyone’s watching especially the photographer, waiting to capture the special moment. As we danced to “One Friend” by Dan Seals, we peered into each other’s beeming eyes and large tooth grins while I sang along. Occasionally our pace changed to meet the eyes and smiles of the picture takers. The love we shared, no flame could extinguish.



  1. Beautiful story & Picture, Karen:)
    Everyday is a dance, good 4 you and courage & igniting to inspire!
    The heart always remembers:)

  2. […] After many thoughts and many hours of pondering, Russ and I had a really big decision to make, what song would we choose as our wedding song? We wanted a song that represented us, but was also sentimental. While I really liked the song, “God Blessed the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts, there was something about it that didn’t quite fit us. I don’t recall where I heard our song for the first time; I just know it was the one. I played it for Russ and he agreed it’s a perfect match just like we were a perfect match. Russ and I chose “One Friend” by Dan Seals as our wedding song. […]

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