Posted by: karenevoss | February 27, 2012

One Friend

One Friend
February 26, 2012

After many thoughts and many hours of pondering, Russ and I had a really big decision to make, what song would we choose as our wedding song? We wanted a song that represented us, but was also sentimental. While I really liked the song, “God Blessed the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts, there was something about it that didn’t quite fit us. I don’t recall where I heard our song for the first time; I just know it was the one. I played it for Russ and he agreed it’s a perfect match just like we were a perfect match. Russ and I chose “One Friend” by Dan Seals as our wedding song.

This song tells our story. Since day one of our relationship, we knew there would be some challenges and some mountains to face. Russ started a new job in Illinois and rather than commute every day, he stayed there during the week. With our relationship so fresh, going too long without communicating wasn’t an option. We kept in touch by phone calls, emails, and spending time together on weekends.

After Russ informed me of his mental illnesses and what he dealt with every day, I didn’t know how we would cope with this on a regular basis. I assured him as often as needed that I loved him and I wasn’t going anywhere. Russ would help me become educated through books, the internet, himself, and his psychologist. We would take each day as it arrived and take on the obstacles that might surface.

Diagnosed with Celiac Sprue a year into our relationship, allowed us to learn about and adapt to his gluten-free diet as a team. Dedication equaled longer trips grocery shopping with safe and forbidden ingredient lists in hand. Double-checking and cross-checking labels and menus versus lists became everyday tasks not only for us, but also for places we ate and people we visited to avoid cross-contamination. Having other people involved worked in our favor as we increased awareness to the illness.

Our dedicated love became our cornerstone. Through many conversations, tears, and laughter we persevered taking each day as it arrived. Sometimes we weren’t able to do it alone and friends were more than happy to step in and assist. An early Valentine’s Day gift to Russ one year from me of a teddy bear, who Russ proudly named Einstein, proved that love didn’t just come from the heart but through playfulness. Einstein’s love still holds true helping me through the tough days of missing Russ.

We understood each other on levels no one else could. From day one where friendship incurred and quickly led to love, we were each other’s One Friend. A love always cherished and preserved in memories. A strong love that didn’t falter even through the darkest of days. May he rest assured I will never forget the love we shared for he’s my one friend, always in my heart, bonded from the start.



  1. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing your love story. So many blessings of love to you today & every day. ❤

    • Thank you Deb! The heart is a powerful tool guiding us through each and every day and challenge. 🙂

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