Posted by: karenevoss | April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life”. -John 3:16

This week we celebrate Holy Week and Easter Sunday. A time of the year when life becomes renewed and replenished. Whether or not you’re religious, everyone experiences this time of year.

You may believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead. That God gave his only son so that we might live. Then again you may just discover that the Easter bunny delivers candy and eggs, but do you ever think about where those eggs came from? Easter eggs come from chickens who produce life.

What are some of the things we see around this time of year? Easter lilies, fresh flowers, and green plants. Think about all the baby chicks out and about in spring. These are all signs of new life. The sun seems brighter as it warms up the earth and allows grass, plants, trees, & flowers to grow. Animals get together and create new life like Bambi who came to life in spring. There’s an abundance of bunnies hopping around giving smiles to anyone who requires one.

It’s like the circle of life. Eventually we will all perish, but then we become the grass, the bunnies eat the grass and the circle continues. We’re part of a circle that never ends. With this, we’re all part of life that never ends….it’s renewed and replenished.

May your Easter be joyous as we celebrate life! Happy Easter everyone.


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