Posted by: karenevoss | May 13, 2012

Attempt, Commit, Complete

“You can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created the problem in the first place.”  Albert Einstein

During a conversation the other day, a friend asked me if I used the word suicide. I said, “I do” and the conversation continued. My mind must have thought about that part of conversation while I had been sleeping for the next morning it brought a new awareness to the words, “attempt, commit, and complete”.

I thought about those words at a deeper level. Suicide reaches me on a level like no other because I’ve been touched by it. I use the word not only for the cause of death, but also to form awareness. What I don’t use is a particular phrase–commit suicide.

Through a support group, committed suicide isn’t used often, but completed suicide is. If you really think about it, the word makes sense. Allow me to explain.

When you “attempt” anything, you are actually trying to complete a task, but not becoming successful. For example, you attempted to run a marathon, but stopped halfway through due to the lack of training. OR you attempted to write a book, but didn’t finish because you didn’t put forth the effort due to becoming discouraged.

When you “commit” to anything, you have created a plan to get the task or project finished. You know what you have to do. When you commit to running a marathon, you know you have to train hard and develop a training program and stick to it. When you commit to writing a book, you create a process to achieve the goal of finishing and getting published. If you only attempt one of these or anything, you aren’t committed 100%.

When you “complete” anything, you succeed at the task/project. You cross the finish line in the marathon. Your book now published, sits on shelves or in an electronic library ready for reading!

Now that you’ve completed whatever you set out to accomplish, you are able to establish a new task or project. These three words, “attempt, commit, and complete”, apply to anything you set your sights on! If you don’t attempt anything, you’ll never know how far you can get. If you don’t commit to anything, you’ll never know what’s needed to create a plan. If you don’t complete anything, you’ll never have the feeling of achievement.



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