Posted by: karenevoss | July 17, 2012

Going For The Gold

The 2012 London Summer Olympics, just around the corner, highlight the summer. Athletes and spectators all over the world travel to the Olympic games to witness history in the making. Some people can get to London without adequate transportation or funds to get there.

I AM heading to London. I have less than four weeks to get there.

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin (in the USA) to London, it’s 3,917 miles. I don’t need to leave the metropolitan Milwaukee area to arrive in London. I’m not taking a plane or a boat. I’m using what God has granted me: my body or mostly my legs. How so? One mile at a time.

Through the YMCA, the members get to travel to London in a program called, “Going For The Gold” four week wellness challenge. Olympic challenge activities convert to a certain number of miles and we log them as we go along. I’m on a team of five and we plan to head to London and back or more by August 12. This is the last day of the Olympic games so the YMCA will have an awards ceremony.

I signed up because I knew we could do it and I’m training for my first Triathlon at the end of August. This is a perfect opportunity to support each other while enjoying exercise fun! It takes an athlete one step at a time to achieve their goal, why not make that your goal.


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