Posted by: karenevoss | October 12, 2012


“For it is in giving that we receive”. – St. Francis of Assisi

Everyone is opportunistic. Some opportunities help define who you are or are becoming. A snap quick answer could be considered hasty, however, it may also broaden your horizons.

When asked to help a friend, depending on the circumstances, you respond. When asked to help a stranger, you hesitate. The fear of the unknown. But what if helping either won’t benefit you or provide the satisfaction you seek? Then what? Do you help anyway?

What if the only feeling you receive is a deep, down, warm, fuzzy one? Are you satisfied? Do you ever give of yourself because you’ve been called to do so? Are you an angel in disguise? I am.


When asked to assist a stranger and his family in need after the loss of a loved one, to a cause I’m very much familiar with, I didn’t have to think twice. In fact, I didn’t need to blink. My brain fired up! It started to inform me of resources I’ve used to work through the tragedy in my life.

It makes me feel good knowing I can pass my gained knowledge to others. A circle is continuous because it never ends. A journey is continuous because life doesn’t stop moving forward.


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