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Higher Brain Living Testimonial

Higher Brain Living Testimonial
By Karen E. Voss
July, 2012

When I first started Higher Brain Living (HBL) in late November 2010, my life though it looked bleak, had a chance to shine a light into this world. It had been nearly two years since my husband, Russ, passed away from suicide; four months after we became husband and wife.

I intended to give HBL a try in order to assist in eliminating flashbacks and “survivor guilt” that had been plaguing me on a daily basis, and that my grief/trauma counselor couldn’t help me past. I had nothing to lose and much to gain. Several months after starting care and right before I attended my first Authentic Self-Kosmic Consciousness (AS~KC) retreat where I still heavily grieved, the flashbacks and guilt disappeared; a major accomplishment in my journey and just one of many.

Though I always liked writing, my passion for it hadn’t been revealed until I started HBL and attended my first retreat in March 2011. Now my plan includes writing a book; a book about my journey since Russ’s death that will inspire, educate, and let others know they aren’t alone in their journeys. Interesting enough, my publisher has HBL in her life which brought us together. My writing and my higher brain have allowed me to deal with the pain & the memories associated with the love I shared with Russ as well as underlying grief.

The day prior to the January 2012 AS~KC retreat, I became an author. A story, My Journey of Survival, which I wrote for the Mental Health Association of Wisconsin’s Survivors Helping Survivors winter 2012 newsletter, went into print. This newsletter designed for friends and family who have lost someone to suicide, reaches statewide and I’m proud that I help support so many lives. The retreat showed me a vision. A vision, to take this story and submit it to MHA’s nationwide so that many more lives can be shown the light at the end of the dark tunnel…the light of hope.

My transformation hasn’t just been in mind, relationships and environment, but also my body. My body has its own plan on how to live. This summer alone (2012), I challenged it to run my first 5K and to complete my first triathlon. There are other goals it has in store for me to meet and I’m ready to accept them. A line of my Declaration states, “I seek and accept challenges as I spread strength, hope, and love”. I AM living this!

Through my HBL journey, there have been trials and tribulations. I know the bumps in the road make it more important to continue care. I know I have a team of people who help get me past the potholes and recognize my accomplishments. Without higher brain living, who knows where my journey might have traveled. With higher brain living the road never ends.

I once considered myself a survivor, but not anymore. I AM a thriver, a warrior moving forward after tragedy.



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