Posted by: karenevoss | January 21, 2013

And…That’s OK!

I often read online (in Facebook world really) of things that put ourselves into a world of hopelessness. Maybe hopelessness isn’t the correct word, then what do you call putting yourself down? At any rate, it isn’t hopeful or positive.

I recently read a posting in a group where this person had forgotten the six-month anniversary of her loved ones passing and she beat herself up (not literally) about it. I informed her that it’s part of healing and…that’s OK. I also told her she should grieve in her own way and…that’s OK. Imagine what her loved one would tell her if he knew how much anguish she put herself through. He’d probably tell her…it’s OK.

The other day someone referred to a piece of exercise equipment as something they dread only because the couldn’t do the same thing outdoors (it’s winter and cold after all . With that attitude, one would dread the activity. Turn it around and say, hey, I may not be able to do this outside now, but I AM still able to do it and…that’s OK.

We live our lives in a way we think we should. If I don’t do this the way someone else wants me to, then we feel badly. If I can’t do this the way I want to, then we beat ourselves up mentally and…that’s NOT OK! It’s not OK to believe what we do or don’t do is wrong. It’s not OK to go and dream without following through. There’s no can’t in try and there’s no try in can’t.

Then what’s considered OK:

  • Believing in dreams
  • Knowing in your heart what’s right
  • To say no despite other ideas
  • To cry when it feels necessary
  • To grieve in the manner that helps us
  • To release emotions instead of holding them inside
  • Supporting others in the their dreams and accomplishments
  • Helping others like you would want to or have been by others

And…That’s OK!


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