Posted by: karenevoss | February 12, 2013

Scrap Happy

I love to scrapbook and make hand-made cards. While I’m not a novice, I’m not a professional either. I also get involved in craft projects on a smaller scale. I like to experiment with new techniques and if you saw what I brought home after attending the 2012 Scrapbook Expo in Milwaukee, WI you’d understand.

When I first discovered scrapbooking and cardmaking, I stayed organized. Every few months, I’d tidy my work space in the basement and everything had a home or so I thought. Enter January 2013. I decided to make a birthday card for a friend. Simple right? Uh no. I couldn’t find the items I use frequently: stamps, certain embellishments, and stickers. Oh but I did find the scissors set I had been searching months for.

I made a decision right then that over Martin Luther King Jr.’s day weekend (I had Monday off as a holiday) I’d divulge in revamping my work and storage spaces. I figured it would take me a couple of hours start to finish to accomplish this challenge. Yeah, right. My horoscope for the first day read: “Get started on a little project today — and then watch as it snowballs into something bigger and crazier than you could have anticipated! It’s a good time to make a move in a new direction”.

To begin, I grabbed my Kodak digital camera and headed to the basement to capture the chaos.


100_2062100_2063 100_2064

As you can see, it wasn’t pretty. While I looked at additional storage units during the Michaels Arts and Crafts sales, I decided not to buy anything unless I absolutely required it while/after I uncluttered and organized. A song, Do Re Mi, from one of my favorite movies, Sound of Music, came to mind as I looked around wondering where to begin. “Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start” happens to be a great lyric except I didn’t know how to define beginning. I started by putting errant things away. To make the tasks less like chores, I listened and half watched a Harry Potter movie. I also had “help” from my kitty, Whiskers. She figured she could sit or walk on what I worked on, but eventually she went and napped/relaxed on the futon.

Item by item, area by area transformed as I sorted, organized, uncluttered, and cleaned. A bag for recycling and a bag for garbage stayed nearby. I located items I had forgotten about and found new homes for other items. The project began to transform into something manageable and presentable. Other than my hands, the tools I used stayed simple: Formula 409, a broom, and a dustpan. The entire process took place over two-time slots totaling 5 1/2 hours! Looking around and seeing the final result made me feel proud. My hard work paid off.

100_2073 100_2072

100_2071 100_2070



Not only did the scrapbooking area transform, but I did too. I’ve released the clutter in my mind that blocked my creativity. I’ve pledged to maintain the organization my mind provided me. On to the rest of the basement!



  1. Looks like a very peaceful working area now. You will create great things here.

    • Thank you Stacey! First things up are a couple of cards and figuring out what to create with black sand from Costa Rica.

  2. Good work!

    • Thank you Drew! I continue to transform. 🙂

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