Posted by: karenevoss | May 21, 2013

Mother’s Day Nostaglia

Mother’s Day, always poses interesting when the immediate family gets together. This year wasn’t any different.

My mom brought out a handmade Mother’s Day card I made in 1989. I had been about six weeks shy of age 12. The card, created on tan paper thinner than construction paper, folded in half, now had a tear through part of it. I drew a picture of a flower and wrote my mom a message and a poem in different colors of crayon. Apparently I created a Hallmark card and it only cost $2. My dad stated that it’s worth more than that. I believe this is how I came to create handmade cards as an adult and everyone enjoys them.

Mother Day Card out

Mother's Day Card in

I photocopied the card as best I could and wrote down the message and poem my eleven year old self wrote. I’m also posting the spelling & punctuation mistakes.

The message & poem:

“Hey mom,

I’ve been thinking about moving out of the house, (Ha-Ha just kidding)
but I might invite a friend to move in (just kidding about that too.)
Even though we both mess up sometimes or get something messed like my room
I think we get along O.K. Anyways I still like or love you.
So I wrote you a poem. It goes like this:

Love is like a duck
and its duckings.
But a broken heart
breaks a friendship.

A Heart is like a glowing
light that shines at night.
Mom’s are helpful, kind, and
good, that’s how they
should be. So as you see
love is a good thought in
every family.”

My older brother said this is how my writing got started. I dilly dallied in writing as I grew up, but it’s now as an adult that I’ve found my passion.


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