Posted by: karenevoss | July 28, 2013

Music Series: Intro

I’m convinced that at least half my brain, composed of lyrics, songs, and music, has a purpose other than what it hears. Maybe it’s because I’ve been around music all my life and I come from a talented family who can sing or play a musical instrument (outside of playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on a keyboard or computer, I don’t play instruments). Certain songs have hidden meanings and I thought since I have blog posts that feature songs, I decided to create a series of blog posts that link music to their “hidden meanings”. The past couple of years, the meanings have become prominent and I’m frequently writing down the titles and artists of ones that “click”.

The first song on this list, “Battle Scars” by Lupe Fiasco featuring Guy Sebastian, I heard as a cool down track at the end of a Les Mills Body Combat class. I really listened to the song after that and knew that it’s a reflection on my life since I lost my husband to suicide.

The other songs I’ve chosen (and I keep discovering more) reflect aspects of life that people don’t think of until they hear something that says, yeah that’s what’s going on or went on in my life. Music leads people to reflect, heal, think and help others. No wonder my taste in music has changed over the years.



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