Posted by: karenevoss | August 3, 2013

Mindful Observations


Prior to my assigned mindful observational walk, as a part of the Udana Yoga & Wellness August Ascent challenge, at South Shore Park, I sat at a picnic table to write and my observations started there. Nearby, a family sat at a bench taking in the Lake Michigan view. Closer, a family who spoke Spanish, managed to lodge a ball in a tree and threw rocks from the beach to knock it out; quite amusing. The Lake Express Ferry sounded its horn signalling an early 7 pm departure to Muskegon, MI, and I watched as it rolled out of sight. A man, relaxed on the hill, playing his guitar creating music that provided ambiance as I wrote. Before I departed, to start my walk, seagulls took flight, circling the hill and beach before settling down. To a watchers eye, you may only see things, but to a mindful viewers eye, much more arrives in your view.


As I walked, I didn’t pay attention to time. I had a plan to walk to where a large set of stairs appeared on the trail. I made it to this point-of-interest, but it took a long time. As I walked, my mind traveled down memory lane. I strolled underneath the Texas rock outlook where my marriage proposal took place in 2006 and my eyes filled with tears. I stepped on a climbing rock and stood there taking in the sounds of the water. I walked atop the concrete wall, like I used to do when I wasn’t single and how it felt doing what a child might do. I saw the expensive yet fancy houses I only dreamed of wanting. I found the stairs and climbed them remembering the one time or two I ran up and down them; I want to do that again. I cruised past the neighborhood I used to live and stopped where the marriage proposal happened also where wedding pictures took place and my eyes filled with tears. I let the tears run their short course before moving on.


Now, I had walked at my faster pace, smaller things that caught my eye may have been midst. Along the trail I found a sentence painted or stenciled on rock that said, “Come away O human child! To the waters and the wild”. I noticed the bird condo and the residents chirping to their heart’s content. Appearing on the ground, painted or stenciled on a manhole cover reading, “Some must carry wakefulness through the sleep of others”.



Yes, a mindful walk it was and I’ll do it again. Soon.


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