Posted by: karenevoss | December 19, 2013

Attitude Beats Everything

“Attitude is everything
Attitude means everything
Attitude changes everything”

Think of the words sink or swim and success or fail. They each give you a choice, a decision made about something, anything. It’s up to your attitude to decide the direction to go.

Another case of positivity vs negativity. Just the words give definition to your mind. For example: you lose a loved one to any given situation. You have three options: to proceed and move forward or succeed and move backwards in your life or remain stuck in your grief. Life itself doesn’t stop. Your attitude can halt your life or change it.

If you lose a job, you can choose to be positive about receiving a new one or be negative that you’ll never find work. Feed your higher brain a positive outlook and in return you’ll find a positive outcome.

Even though my writing ideas haven’t panned out yet, I remain optimistic. After all, I wrote a book! With a publication date in spring 2014, this might be the start of something spectacular. I’ve had many thoughts of what could be and not enough of what is and what I know. I do know, I shed light in darkness and open my heart and mind to whatever might pose itself to me.

Your attitude can change the course of your present life and your future. What will you do today? Transform your mind and use your higher brain where change occurs or let your monkey mind aka lower brain take charge and possess the same the negative thoughts you already have. The choice comes down to your attitude. Choose good vs evil for a better life.


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