Posted by: karenevoss | December 31, 2013

Why wait until New Years?

Since Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2013, I keep thinking, why wait until 2014 to start working on your goals?

Every year people make resolutions that break before the end of February. A reason why I haven’t made any in years. Instead I give myself goals to achieve during the year. It’s a lot less pressure and you can break down goals into tasks.

I started making my guest room appear more like one and less of a dump zone. From unread newspapers to papers needing recording and shredding and general clutter. My cat won’t lay on the bed because of all the stuff on it and as soon as I started in on the pile this past weekend, she made her way to it. How did it get like this? Well, procrastination and laziness got together and said, “out of sight, out of mind”. Yeah, that’s a lie. I can see it and it won’t move on its own.

Another project requiring great attention, my home office. I think the file cabinets threw up leaving their contents everywhere in various piles. It’s bad enough that the cat doesn’t spend as much time with me while I work in there. I can’t blame her since she risks sliding off a pile (yes, she has done this), however, if the printer is active she’ll find her designated empty spot on the desk hutch to watch. Again not putting things away and not filing caused this small problem turn into a monster, a paper mountain monster and I hear they can put up a fight.

In August, I plan to compete in my third triathlon of my life. I can do everything required, however, running and I don’t see by grounded foot. Why then do a tri if I don’t like running, because I haven’t heard of an event where you bike, swim, bike or vice versa. Besides, it changes up what my body has gotten used to. This year, I plan to train better, which means swimming stronger (and straighter in a lake, yeah, OK, right), bike faster, and run more than walk. I learned last year with a friend a different approach to the 5K run if I wanted to beat my time from the previous year. It worked and I finished three minutes ahead.

In my basement lives, scrapbooking, crafting, and card making supplies. They wait for a day when I say hello and decide on what’s next. Lately, it’s been cards and a craft project I made for Christmas gifts. I have a small store of supplies for projects (don’t ask how expensive crafts are) and plenty of ideas, it’s taking the time to work on them. This year, I plan to spend more time scrapbooking and working on those other ideas (including next years Christmas cards).

My first book, That’s All I Got, currently in the publishing process, is due to arrive in Spring 2014. I have plenty to do from editing, promoting, and marketing the book. I have a few people assisting in the process, but once the book takes off, I’m not sure how much help I’ll receive. It’s still sinking in that I AM AN AUTHOR! I’ve been looking forward to this for a couple of years now and it’s finally happening. Moving forward after tragedy, that’s what it’s about.

Why wait? Why not start now?



  1. Happy, happy new year’s!!! 😀

    Have an beautiful day and new year. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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