Posted by: karenevoss | January 15, 2014

Did you know…stress creates dis-ease?

Allowing a little thing to grow and stew only creates a big problem, which leads to stress and dis-ease.

How many of us take something that we heard, questioned,commented, or shared and created a story out of it? One sentence or a spoken line can change a persons outlook to the subject it pertains to. How much of what we say gets taken too seriously and it flips a switch to the person we’re communicating with?

The lower brain takes this information, processes it, and goes into safe mode, trying to protect you. You then react in the way you know how. You might say something out of spite and you can’t take it back. You may speak the truth, but to the other person, it launches the stress mechanism. The stress mechanism starts to create chaos on your physical self and your body processes. You can see below how you’re affected by stress.


Ultimately, your body breaks down and you become susceptible to all forms of dis-ease. You could receive high blood pressure, body aches, pain, illness, even cancer. Lots of symptoms develop when your body feels stress.

How can one relieve this dis-ease causing symptom? Take a moment before you respond via written or spoken word and pause…take a breath…then respond. Take a walk, exercise, or find another way to put your mind at ease (hobby, play with your kids, journal/write your thoughts). Don’t hold the small stuff in, just let it go. The more it eats/picks at your mind, the more you dwell on it and the more it doesn’t go away. Following a more holistic approach to your health will also keep drugs to ease dis-ease out of your body, drugs that may cause your body more stressed and ill. Be Well, Stay Well, Live Well.


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