Posted by: karenevoss | January 25, 2014

A Picturesque View

Let me paint you a scene.

It’s a wintry January 25th in Milwaukee, WI. There’s snow on the ground, the roads, and the trees. The day and night before, the wind took hold blowing and drifting snow this way and that. I looked out to see the snow-covered sidewalk and knew that shoveling snow could now be put on my to-do list.

I bundled up to venture outside, taking my hand out of my glove for about 30 seconds; long enough to open the garage door (an issue with keys and bulky gloves) to pick up a snow shovel. I breathed in the blue sky and the warmth of the sun as I started tossing snow this way and that. A small amount of wind made this interesting as it blew the snow right back at me. I shoveled the back first then moving towards the front of the house. A neighbor heading home from helping another neighbor waved and said hello. My cat viewed my work from the living room picture window like always. Quiet and serene described the minutes that ticked by. A few clouds lingered overhead and a bush full of chirping birds broke the hush.



The temperature outside: 12 degrees F.

While many people complain about the cold, wintry day, I decided to capture it. The winter remains with us through March and we’re going to get more snow and cold days, but why complain about it as often as one does? It won’t change the temperature and wind chill or the winds. It won’t control how much snow falls, how much snow shoveling/plowing has to get done, but makes us aware on how to take care of it. I’ve told people at work and otherwise, it can always be worse and they agreed. While we’d all enjoy summer like temperatures, it isn’t going to happen for a few months so remind yourself of the roof over your head, the warmth of the furnace, and the picturesque view. Ahhh, yes there you are.


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