Posted by: karenevoss | March 1, 2014

Reaching Out

Earlier this week, I hand wrote (penned) a letter to my friend’s mom. My friend passed away in January, 2014 due to complications from pneumonia. She was only a year younger than me. It took a while after her mom wrote me with the sad news for me to pick up pen and paper. I guess I had been waiting for the “right” time. Is there ever a “right” time to correspond with someone after a loss?

I didn’t write to express my sorrow for the families loss. I wrote to reach out to maybe help heal hearts. I chose to share part of my journey to help them understand that God’s message of why our loved ones pass on unexpected and in time we’ll be shown why. Grief never goes away 100%, but in time one can heal.

After a period of time, our grief transforms into something we can use to help other people to heal and grow while opening their eyes to new light. People after suffering a loss become more emphatic towards others who have. Through my loss, I’ve learned not to say “I’m sorry” for someones loss-it seems too much like an apology. Why do we apologize for someones death? We didn’t cause it to happen. Instead, share a message that can shine a little light such as, God holds your loved one in the palm of his hand. A friend shared similar words with me and it’s from the hymn On Eagle’s Wings composed by Michael Joncas. I like to say that we’ll all be together again someday, but to say that to someone who’s fresh to grief can hurt a heart more.



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