Posted by: karenevoss | April 10, 2014

My 100th Blog Post

A few days ago, I published my 100th blog post on Inspiring Thru Thought, titled “If Only Dis-ease“. One hundred posts since April 2011. Not quite three years worth of posts to equate blogging weekly, but between my other blog  and writing my first book,  That’s All I Got, I’ve been busy.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that my cousin-in-law and fellow author (my second cousins wife) and I met for lunch to talk about my discovered passion for writing. She advised me to write daily and create a blog where I should post weekly. Weekly doesn’t always work, however, there are weeks like this one that receive two postings. Starting this blog helped enhance grammar, passive vs active voice, and punctuation lessons (and ones that I have forgotten). Classes rather training from my job assisted in rattling my English classes mind.

I’m proud to have reached #100 and that WordPress gave me a badge marking this milestone. I remember when my milestone #5 happened; it was a big deal and now it seems so long ago. Look at how far I’ve come. A lot of my posts early on had been part of my writing for a creative writing class until I started separating posts to class work of book writing. I remember my cousin telling me how much I improved since a writing piece she edited for me arrived back in a sea of red (she hoped I’d still like her after that). Yeah, I still like her. Her knowledge of the written word made me realize I had/have a lot to learn. I grew. When I have appointments at the chiropractor for an adjustment or massage, I always have my notebook with me ready to go should I have to wait. The notebook follows me to work to maybe work on a post on breaks or during lunch. We’re inseparable especially on vacation or a retreat (I’ve learned to write easier on airplanes).

I can’t wait to see what the next 100 posts bring my way. Happy #100!



  1. congratulations…

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