Posted by: karenevoss | May 13, 2014

Technological Advances Rewinded

When I think about how life had been simpler-non technological- I’m often reminded of “Little House on the Prairie” or the books written by one of my favorite authors, Beverly Lewis. Reading about the lives of Amish people reminds me that I take for granted, what, no how technology changed people.

Since I first heard the song Automatic by Miranda Lambert, I’ve started reflecting on how things were, even 30 years ago. The song reminds me how we used to roll windows down by hand, the use of payphones, and letter writing by hand and mailing it. I remember cameras that used film that you had to wait a few days for to receive prints or like the song says “the ones you have to shake” otherwise known as Polaroids.

I tossed a question on Facebook about what you remember doing before it became “automatic” intending to place them in this blog post.

The question: Name something you used to do before it became “automatic”. Here are some of the responses:

  • Lifting the garage door -Ralane
  • Using paper maps -Stacy
  • Remembering phone numbers (before cell phones) -Jen
  • Finding a book at the library by looking through drawers full of little cards -Julie
  • Cassette tapes (I still have some and play them occasionally) -Karen
  • Using a key to unlock the car door (remember having 2 keys for the car?) -Julie
  • Wait for dial-up internet -Chrissy
  • Having to hurry up during commercials to do whatever so you don’t miss anything (now we just rewind) -Chrissy
  • Looking up words in the dictionary before spellcheck was a thought -Karen
  • Waiting for bank statements to see if checks cleared or reassess your balance -Chrissy
  • Shopping in stores -Stacy
  • Telephones on a cord -Karen

Many more non-automatic things exist if we look hard enough to remember.

Technology has a way of changing the way we work, but it also changes people. You can find people with phones constantly glued to ears or extremely stressed due to doing too much. Sometimes, life seems more complicated than simpler than years past.

What do you remember that’s now automatic?


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