Posted by: karenevoss | May 26, 2014

Does Heaven celebrate birthdays?

When you’re a believer, you have the answer to the question, Does Heaven celebrate birthdays? The question no longer exists, but I wonder…how does Heaven celebrate birthdays? This is one of the many questions not answered or asked in the book and movie, Heaven is For Real.

Every day in Heaven, many more like hundreds if not thousands of people have birthdays even if they no longer age within their souls. I expect that every day could have a celebration, no rather every day IS a celebration.

Do balloons and streamers pay the way to the birthday celebrations? Does confetti fill the skies? Do the parties happen in the park or a grand hall? How big and how many cakes do you need for all the birthday people and their families to receive a piece? How many barrels of ice cream are present? How many candles on the cakes? Are there separate parties for the children, adults, and pets?

I expect since all sicknesses and injuries cease to exist that these parties become very lively with music and dancing. I wonder if everyone hears the birthday song sung in their native language? I suspect so I also wonder if the young adults turning 21 get to have alcohol on their birthdays? Do clowns come and visit the young children or anyone that wants to laugh? What do they do about presents? Do children even play with toys in Heaven?

I believe the celebrations are grand with eloquent decorations, music, and dancing. They’re elaborate because they can be.. The cakes, huge and colorful, hold as many candles as necessary without worry about burning anything. Clowns, pinatas, balloons, confetti, and streamers mark the celebration area(s). A party indeed!


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