Posted by: karenevoss | June 29, 2014

How do you…dream, write, create

How do you dream? How do you write? How do you create?


I find myself dreaming, writing, and creating not only when I’m aware of doing so, but I believe I do so unaware. Here’s a series of questions to think about or maybe ponder that relate to how one arrives at ideas. Increasing awareness gives amazing results.

Do you dream…
With your eyes open or closed?
While you’re awake or while you sleep?
In the morning, afternoon, or at night? Maybe there’s a combo of two or three?
Outside with nature on inside boxed walls? Maybe both?
Do you dream better sitting, standing, or laying down?

Now how do you write…
Do you write better in odd places such as the car or bathroom or at a desk/workspace?
Do you write at a computer or longhand with paper and pen/pencil? Or maybe with chalk?
Do you have notebooks full of ideas or scraps of paper all over the place?
Do you put your ideas in your phone or laptop? Maybe a tablet?
Do you prefer a noisy environment or silence? Or a combo?

How do you create…
Do you have a separate work area or studio?
Are you creative all on your own or with assistance?
Do you copy a project or deviate with your own flare?
Do you complete a project all at once start to finish or more of a start/stop approach?

All your answers are all your own and yet they’re also shared with others with or without similar interests. My answers are all of the above and then some. I own my answers and so do you. What do you plan to do with yours?


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