Posted by: karenevoss | July 13, 2014

With Every Step

With every step I take,
I get stronger.
With every step I make,
I heal more.

-K.E.Voss 7/9/14

On any journey, significant or insignificant, we all take steps. Those steps, physical, mental, or emotional all add up to changing lives. The lives that change are your own, someones else’s, or the entire world.

The other day I chose to walk as my form of exercise. Near my house and within walking distance, resides a pedestrian bridge that spans over a lake freeway. Not only does the bridge allow people to walk, run, or cycle over traffic, but it also provides a place to exercise and think. While I walked, my writing brain woke up and allowed me to compose the short poem above. Initially, I planned to write more and someday I might. I sat down to the laptop and a thought came to mind: go back and capture the steps you want to portray. I did just that.

Steps at either end of the bridge make for a quicker climb to the top and ramps allow for longer travel to the top as well as handicapped access. I’ve done both and usually I take the entire trek multiple times. Walking fast allows a better calorie burn and yet not as many steps on my activity tracker due to longer step taking, but it also allows my feet to heal quicker than running.

20140710_202848 20140710_203622

Every step takes us one step closer to goals we have in life. My goal that night, 10,000 steps, transformed to 12,000 for the day. This wasn’t only about getting exercise, but to clear the mind of clutter. So often our minds become cluttered with the to do’s of the day and for the days ahead that we aren’t allowed to think about the current moment…a moment where we’re at peace, free of stress and anxiety. Breathe in nature around you and listen to what Mother Nature has to offer. By my listening, I heard “With each step I take, I get stronger. With every step I make, I heal more”. That voice said that my journey hasn’t ended and it continues on with every message someone else can hear or read. I plan to listen to that voice as my main goal involves writing as a career.

How many steps do you take to live the life you want, you have, you live for?


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