Posted by: karenevoss | August 13, 2014

Days of Reflection

I have days or times of year where my brain remembers where I was or what I was doing during special day(s). This past weekend the dates coincided with a special weekend for me in 2008.

My weekend of August 8-10, 2008, consisted of a pre-wedding day, our (Russ and mine) wedding day, and a post-wedding gift opening day. I can remember these days as if they just happened and not six years ago. What the heart felt, the emotions involved, and the days activities have not left my memories.

Fast forward six years to 2014. It’s well into the sixth year that Russ’ life ended way too soon from the completion of suicide as a result of mental illness. I knew the exact weekend dates from 2008 would come around again, but I didn’t realize it was this year until a couple of days prior. My weekend of August 8-10, 2014, consisted of a work day, a pre-triathlon day, and the Iron Girl triathlon. Yes, a triathlon, my third in the last three years. Something I never considered until Russ passed away and then a few years later…when my brain said, “you want to and you can do this”. Well, I did and proved to myself that I can especially when I know Russ helps from Heaven.

I never thought of writing a book and I did, again in the sixth year. Does this mean there’s significance to this year? Is the road wider than it once was? I wonder what lies ahead.


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