Posted by: karenevoss | September 7, 2014

Prevention & Detection = ease of mind

Recently, I tended to the prevention of illness, in other words my annual medical wellness exam. I’ve heard others complain about having to go to these appointment or for other preventative tests that go hand-in-had with wellness. You won’t hear me complain. Instead of loathing an upcoming wellness exam, I look forward to it. It gives me a chance to meet with my physician to answer my questions, let her know what’s going on in my life, examine any concerns I might have, make sure everything is positively happy, and to make sure I’m healthy as well as staying that way.

While any procedures or exam isn’t always fun, they can detect any problems or illness. In 2010, I attended my wellness exam without an issue, however, a month later, I would visit again only this time I’d go in worried. I had found a large lump on my right breast during Labor Day weekend. I couldn’t call the clinic until Tuesday and when I did they got me in on Wednesday, they made sure I got in quickly. My doctor understood my fear and after some questions and an exam, she was 99% sure it was only a cyst (pain and some movement of the lump helped determine this). Nevertheless, she ordered an ultrasound (what she didn’t know is the facility I went to would also require a mammogram-this was uncomfortable and since they were going to keep it as a baseline mammogram, they tested both). The ultrasound confirmed my doctors suspicions and I breathed relief. While it took time for the cyst to disperse, it eventually did. That had been one of the longest weeks of worry enough so causing myself physical pain, which one of my chiropractors’ provided relief for. Now I’m more prone to cysts and I know that if one doesn’t disappear or gets larger, to notify my doctor to get it checked out. I know what causes mine and I also know how important self exams are.

Prevention helps prevent dis-ease.
Preventative maintenance sets you at ease.


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