Posted by: karenevoss | September 27, 2014

Hope Exists

“Out of disappointment arrives hope.” -K.E.Voss 9/24/14

Last weekend, I found out that AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) won’t add my book to the Survivor Bibliography. It scarcely adds books to the list out of necessity due to an abundance of books they receive.

Not only did I feel disappointed, but also anger for them to take five months to come to this decision. Why even submit the books if the conclusion remains the same? The reason my publisher submitted the book was so it could be approved and I could host a table at the Milwaukee Out of the Darkness Community Walk and others and to provide some extra leverage for places I wish to carry the book. They received a free book and I got zilch, or did I?

Just this morning while working out a hotel room, I composed and sent an email to the person in charge of the International Survivors of Suicide event in Milwaukee. I have a couple of college programs that I intend to submit information about the book to. Earlier in the week I still submitted a pitch to host a table at the Out of the Darkness walk, because despite not getting the book approved, it continues to have a message. The message has a strong effect to the people who read it. The book inspires and teaches that grief doesn’t have to win to survival. One can thrive after tragedy and to create suicide awareness.

Disappointing news doesn’t mean to give up. It means that I may have to work a bit harder, but in the end the result could reap rewards.


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