Posted by: karenevoss | October 18, 2014

Doing God’s Work

We’ve all heard, some way or another, the expression “doing God’s work”. What does that even mean? Does that mean something you can physically touch or see? Or not at all?

I believe God’s work involves much more. Maybe God’s work cannot always be seen, but felt. Sometimes supporting a friend who lost a spouse in the same manner you did…maybe not a spouse, but a parent, other relative, or friend who has passed away. Being there for them, though at times it’s difficult, shows God’s love. Maybe God’s love gets shared through a hug, tears, memories, and laughter…maybe it’s no expression at all. Maybe God’s work gets shown by sharing your journey both written and voiced, which can help out or inspire a stranger or people you once knew and people you know.

Maybe God’s love and support arrive in animals like birds or bunnies that show up unexpected, but you know your loved one keeps watch over you at all times. Maybe its found in nature, in the trees, air, clouds, water, and stars. Maybe you received advice from a friend on how to accomplish a task or two that you’ve never had to do before. Maybe its advice given on how to move forward so you’re not consumed by lingering grief.

Maybe its all or none of the above..maybe a thought not listed only known.


Maybe it’s found in music, perhaps a song or two or many.


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