Posted by: karenevoss | November 11, 2014

Roads We Travel

Every road leads you somewhere and each day, month, or year heads you down a path you’re unaccustomed to traveling. Roads make turns; they don’t always run straight.

Roads contain bumps. Bumps that with effort become smooth proving you can overcome obstacles on your life path.

Some people believe that God knows our path before we do. Others believe that you choose your own path. I think it’s both chosen and of our choosing. It doesn’t really matter how your path arrives, but that it contains what you want to do, how you feel, where you want to head, and how it can benefit others.

I have been down many roads after tragedy struck. Each road brought change, heartache, and life issues. With the help of people, places, and God, I made it through every bump and continue to do so as the journey creates new roads.


Don’t worry too much that your entrusted road may not please everyone. It’s not their path; it’s yours. It’s your choice who comes along for the ride on the road of your life.



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