Posted by: karenevoss | January 12, 2015

A Cluttered Path

Not everyone writes new years resolutions. I know I don’t, not anymore. I create attainable goals. Goals that make me want to reach them.

Before new years even arrived, I started working in my basement. The basement resembles part of a war zone and the rec room is just that, wrecked (not literally, but it’s very cluttered and disorganized). I can’t look at with eyes that only see a giant mess; I must look at it in pieces because if I don’t it’s overwhelming and I won’t start working on it.

I cleared a working path on the floor and it’s amazing what you can find that you forgot about. I took time to sort and clean the bookshelves and end table. By doing this first, I actually prevented an electrical fire since the lamp I lifted to dust under shorted out. If I hadn’t been down there or even home when this happened, I may not have discovered the problem in time. The lamp went out to the dumpster (actually the alley way where a junk collector picked up–I did have a note attached saying it shorted out). A spare lamp replaced the bad one (I knew a reason existed to keep it).

The next project consisted of dusting, sorting and reorganizing all of my DVDs and CDs and it took multiple hours. I couldn’t believe how many movies I hadn’t watched or ones I didn’t know existed because they were my husbands. I grabbed a handful to watch in the next couple weeks. I’m curious how many hours of music I have in my collection and those of my late husbands. I’ve cataloged most of these in a computer database and it’s crazy to see how many exist.

There’s so much that needs my attention and I’m only one person so it’ll take time, but while I’m physically working, I’m also working through emotional and mental blockages. I’m working through a cluttered surface, but also a disorganized mind.

What blockages are holding you back from creating the space your mind needs to progress? What can you do to bring clarity to your cluttered time, mind, and space? Look around, I’m sure there’s something needing attention and it might just be you.


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