Posted by: karenevoss | January 14, 2015

For Ten Days

For ten days…

I don’t have to go into work thanks to a week’s vacation, two weekends, and a holiday.

I don’t have a regular alarm waking me up, but I do have a cat who wants to eat and have her litter box scooped out. I do have a couple of morning appointments so I may set an alarm, but not for 5:30 am.

I’m changing up my workouts to include classes I don’t normally take because they’re during my work day hours. I’m including three cycling classes (I don’t remember the last time I took a cycling class). Along with these I’m working in my regular yoga classes plus two more and my irregular Zumba class (I’m not an every week attendee in Zumba). I’m also taking time in the wellness center.

I’m working to catch up on busy email accounts, recorded TV programming, and reading. I plan to progress in a scrapbooking project too.

…Not every day has a schedule. Not every day has time spent at a desk or computer. After all, I am on vacation and I have a massage scheduled, time set aside to volunteer, and time planned for self-development.

IF you had ten days, what would you do differently?


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