Posted by: karenevoss | January 31, 2015

Our South Shore Y Says Goodbye…

Tonight, we said goodnight, goodbye and God Bless. This comes from so many people who called the SSY their home and family. The doors may have closed for the last time, however, our SSY family can’t be broken that way. We’re praying that we shall meet again to reopen as a new facility, stronger and better in due time. RIP South Shore Y.


This morning I learned along with hundreds of more people, members and staff alike, that our beloved South Shore Y(MCA) in the city of Cudahy, WI will be closing its doors at 7 pm on January 31, 2015. I know my heart and many others broke a little upon hearing this news…shock, anger, and sadness along with memories poured out from friends via text messages and Facebook. This YMCA has been a part of many journeys since it’s opening decades ago. The fact of the matter is that no one purchased our home, our family to save it from the Milwaukee Metropolitan’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy demise. We’ve been seen as an asset they could sell to reduce their debt, but by doing so broke up our positive community family leaving us as orphans scurrying around not knowing what to do. There’s no closer Y (in distance) to many in the community. The South Shore Y…

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