Posted by: karenevoss | March 22, 2015

Day One

“It’s day one of the rest of my life, it’s day one of the best of my life…” – Day One by Matthew West

Last week, I confided in a couple of friends that I required a reset button for my body and mind. I think the exhaustion came arrived in January when the South Shore YMCA, in Cudahy, WI, closed. I felt lost, confused and disconnected from everyone and everything as we, my Y family, scattered.

I stepped back from my workouts (although not completely) and creating in the written word or craft wise. While it took time to reconnect with the level of workouts I’m used to (yoga hasn’t gotten back up to where I’m used to), March spurred the Idle Ironman Challenge at the other area Milwaukee Y’s and I’ve always shined in this challenged, even injured I’ve rose to the occasion. This year, I didn’t have the support as I have in the past; I did have support only not in person as much…it wasn’t the same. My mind knew this and so did my body. I had to approach it differently, even more so since they changed the challenge a bit (by extending to six weeks to coincide with another challenge, but my brain still says 31 days to complete).

After announcing my reset, I went to bed and woke up refreshed with a different mind-set and feeling grand. I embraced the day with a different attitude, one that ignores the little things that might bother me on a daily basis and allows whatever may happen to occur. A few changes will arrive at work tomorrow and while I have no idea how these will affect my mornings, I’m going in with different eyes. I went to my acupuncture appointment that afternoon and my muscles (a dull ache compared to moderate pain) felt better than I ever had going into these appointments. I began to think that my mental and emotional health connect to my physical health on a level different from what I thought I knew.

I had a couple of vacation days this week and I spent part of the time reconnecting with a couple of friends and then went into beast mode with my workouts this weekend. I managed to complete the Idle Ironman Challenge a day ahead of my plan (yes, the muscles feel the result). I also sat down to add follows on Twitter and to write this, refocusing on my goals and dreams.

I guess you could say this is day one, a day to start anew just as spring brings forth change and renewal.

Thank you reset button.


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