Posted by: karenevoss | July 12, 2015

Because I read sdrawkcab…

Everyone has a certain way of performing certain tasks. We’ve created habits and habits don’t like being broken, but what if they were? Weeks ago, I started reading the comics in the newspapers backwards instead of forwards and from the bottom to the top. Why? I wanted to see things differently. By reading the opposite ways from which I’m used to, my mind works harder. Think of it as a brain game: you trick your mind into doing something it isn’t used to doing making your brain think. I accomplished what I wanted to even though I reversed how I normally do it.

This summer, I realized I needed to cut my lawn different that I’m used to due to two things. One, the neighbors plant keeps growing and pushing the trellis it grows on forward, which now overhangs on my lawn (there’s no fence). The plant “attacks” when you attempt to push the lawnmower underneath it. Instead of cutting a straight line from the end of the backyard to the edge of the front yard, I now have to cut from an angle or cut the short way. This creates frustration to make sure I cut everything and time-consuming since I have to alter the way I work. Two, someone decided to build the duplex next door on top of a spring. Water constantly runs out of the houses sump pump hose into the houses backyard. The water creates a moat (as I call it) because the ground becomes so saturated in one area that the water pools and squishy mud forms. My property line sits near the edge of the moat. I must strategically cut the lawn around that area so my shoes don’t become water-logged and my lawn mower doesn’t clog. Each week I complete the lawn cutting chore regardless of the obstacles even though I had to change course.

I’m used to a chaotic mind. It wants to process many tasks and to-do lists even though I start showing signs of being overwhelmed. I’m learning that multitasking doesn’t always work. Maybe I can fold laundry while watching Days of Our Lives, but I can’t check email and write a blog post (constant switching disrupts my creativity). I recently read a few articles about time and aligned myself with one of the people in the article. I feel stressed if my list is long and I’m not able to complete it. So I’ve decided to work on breaking the bad doing-too-much habit relieving my mind of stress and physical discomfort. Maybe the floors don’t get swept one night, but I managed to grasp ideas for promotional bookmarks. Maybe the dishes don’t get washed one night, but I spent more time focusing on my cat’s needs. This also relates to making plans because committing to too much or not the right things doesn’t work for me, but my brain wants to do everything.

It takes time to change the ways in which we work, read, and focus. It can take up to 30 days to change a habit, but it can happen if we slow down and look at things yltnereffid.


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