Posted by: karenevoss | August 2, 2015

I am not your average triathlete or am I?

On a recent Facebook post, I changed a famous quote from “Grease” to reflect being a triathlete supporter: “If you can’t be a triathlete, than be a triathlete supporter”. The following day, I traveled south to Pleasant Prairie, WI for the Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie Triathlon on August 9, 2015. As I worked out, I thought about how I’m just an average triathlete, but then again maybe I’m not.

While a group of us waited to start a group swim at 7 am, I looked around to see how many people like myself wore one-piece swimsuits. A few of us wore these while others wore tri-suits (two-piece shirt and shorts that you wear for all three events). I don’t see myself spending around $100 for something I’ll wear a few times a year, unless I participated in more than one triathlon a year. A group of us also wore swim caps from previous Iron Girl or Danskin triathlons hosted in Pleasant Prairie.

After the swimming, I removed my mountain bike from the back of the SUV. Yes, I cycle with a heavy mountain bike. I don’t have the financing to conscientiously spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a slim, weightless, road bike to help me cycle faster. I don’t have a bike with fancy clips for special cycling shoes; the shoes I run in are the shoes I cycle in. I also wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt over my wet swimsuit and a wet sports bra (worn under swimsuit for extra support during cycling and running). Yes, this can get uncomfortable, but it’s temporary for the race.

I put my bike away and without having to change shoes, I then started out on the run/walk course. For me, it’s a run/walk course because my body isn’t designed to run an entire 5K. Last year, the race switched from being on an all asphalt course to part gravel trail and asphalt course. I don’t train on gravel anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Why they deviated to this new trail, I haven’t a clue, but getting gravel in your shoe isn’t comfortable. Gravel in shoes causes pain and slowdowns when you have to remove a rock from your shoe or sock. I’ve learned to carry water with me to assure adequate hydration a part from the water stops that aren’t always in good areas on the run course.

I can assure you, I complete every race on a run.

It doesn’t matter how I or anyone else competes and completes a triathlon as long as you complete it with a smile.

Maybe I am not your average triathlete, but then again maybe I am. I am who I am and compete as I am. No one and nothing can tell or show you differently.


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