Posted by: karenevoss | October 15, 2015

Music Series Part 8: See You Again

For weeks I’ve reflected on the song, See You Again by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth.

There are a few ways you can interpret the lyrics to this song. You could have had a friend who moved away, someone lost protecting our country, or for someone who now lives in Heaven, having taken the trip days, weeks, months, or years ago. My ears picked up on someone who now lives in Heaven.

Over the course of our lives, friends and family members pass on due to natural causes, battles with an illness (including mental illness), or tragedy. Even when a friend or a loved one has passed on, we still remain in a relationship with them albeit a different one. Our lives continue and we’ll be able to share in them when we see them again in Heaven. Until that time, we’re watched from Heaven daily.

Some people shy away from talking about or referring to the ones no longer on Earth. Some may say talking prevents you from moving forward, but in reality talking helps you heal and remember the good times. Talking can educate other people about an illness or dis-ease and to understand the circumstances surrounding their death and how you can work through it. The one mistake people make involves healing; you don’t “get over it” you “work through it” and this is where talking about your friends and relatives in Heaven makes sense. Until you see them again, talk to them or about them and you’ll heal each other.



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