Posted by: karenevoss | October 18, 2015

Don’t work on Sunday!

As I say farewell to my grandfather (not goodbye as I’ll one day see him in Heaven), I’m reminded of a conversation that I had with my grandpa some years ago. I am unable to recall all of it, but I know it revolved around work. Grandpa was adamant about not working on Sunday, which of course is the Lord’s day and on this day God rested. I never had a full-time job that required me to work on Sundays, except for the rare occasion of overtime. Now when I had paper routes as a pre-teen through my sophomore year of high school, I had to work on Sunday mornings for a few hours.

The kind of work my grandpa talked about included housework and probably other projects. I think I told him about what I had to do and he made a fuss about working on Sunday. He even told my grandma that I (their granddaughter) worked on Sunday. I can smile at this because sometimes I do make a fuss (to myself) about working on Sunday, only now it doesn’t just revolve around housework and projects, but writing as well. Sometimes a busy schedule forces me to work on Sunday and I don’t always like it, but certain things must get done or they’re put off again and again.

So grandpa, I will do my best to not work on Sunday and if I have to, that I don’t work too much. If life gets too busy to not work on Sunday, I’ll be reminded of our conversation and not work too much. When I’m eventually received into Heaven, I know I’ll never work on Sunday



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