Posted by: karenevoss | December 10, 2015

My Voice Has A Name

I have a voice. A voice that speaks. A voice that speaks out. It has many things it wishes to say. There’s a lot it has to say.

Circumstances arrive that lead my voice to speak verbally or through my writing. Music and lyrics have a way of resonating through me at any given time; I guess there’s a message I must hear. The written word carries meaning in the words and sentences portrayed in books, magazines, newspapers, articles, and blog posts.

It’s after midnight when I started writing this. Minutes before, I finished reading the book, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, and something about it spoke to my heart and emotions. As I headed to bed, I chose to fall asleep to an uplifting CD mix I created years ago and haven’t listened to in quite a while. As “Let It Be” by The Beatles played, I felt tears in my eyes and I let them run. By the second song, “You Are Mine” by David Haas, I had enough tears flowing to wipe away with my sleeve. As the third song spoke, “Without Seeing You” also by David Haas, my tears dried up and my inner voice said, “go write; grab your notebook and write”. I listened to it. The words arrive easily. They flow like a calm river. The music helps them along.

The songs each have a message. I reflect as I write. My heart speaks again. I mentioned the playlist appeared several years ago. A few more than that my life changed dramatically and tragically on a December day. I continue to move forward, never forgetting. That day helped create who I am today. Yesterday, I may have made a new friend–one that another friend introduced me to through words in conversation. I didn’t know what to think and my brain retrieved fears. She told me that if anything, I make a new friend. I took a deep breath and composed a text message speaking as me-nothing to it. I smiled when I received a response today.

The song playing now, “Angels Unaware” by Michael W. Smith, has me thinking that maybe this new friend is an Angel sent by God to assist another move forward even if it’s only friendship. Each of these songs connects to a part of me whether in the past or present. It’s who I AM.

Without my voice, I wouldn’t have had the courage to share my journey. With my voice, I share my thoughts. With my voice, I wrote the book, “That’s All I Got!”. By sharing my journey, my voice inspires, educates, heals and encourages. My voice has a name…a strong name, a brave name, a pen name, a name I’m proud of.

Allow your own voice to speak. It has a lot to say. I know mine does.

My Uplifting Playlist

Let It Be -The Beatles
You Are Mine -David Haas
Without Seeing You -David Haas
You’ll Be There -George Strait
I Will Carry On -Michael W. Smith
I’m Waiting for You -Michael W. Smith
I’ll Be Here for You -Michael W. Smith
Walk With You -Della Reese
Believe in You -Amanda Marshall
The Other Side of Me -Michael W. Smith
Breathe in Me -Michael W. Smith
Angels Unaware -Michael W. Smith
Somebody’s Out There Watching -The Kinleys
Stand Back Up -Sugarland


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