Posted by: karenevoss | December 27, 2015

Because it’s Christmas…

The new year approaches right after Christmas/holidays. With each new year, most people create a set of new years resolutions, which often get broken quicker than they’re made. Why wait until New Year’s Day to create something new when you could do so before then, like at Christmas time?

This holiday season, I embarked on baking a few new items: starlight mint candy dishes, gingerbread people, and no-back chocolate peanut butter bars. All of these turned out really well and I’ve received some positive feedback on them. I got to thinking about trying new things at Christmas and I don’t mean only baking new things.

This holiday season, I opened myself up to a new friendship. I didn’t know what to think when another friend introduced me to this person via conversation and messaging. It was up to me what I wanted to do: pursue it or not. It took some time, but I chose to pursue. I’m glad I did. Everyone needs new people in our lives to allow ourselves to grow. When we grow, our minds and hearts expand a bit more. Whether we create new friendships, business contacts, relationships, or connections, the branches and roots of our personal trees grow a bit bigger and deeper opening our minds and maybe our hearts.

I’ve started thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2016. I am creating goals for my health, fitness, finances, writing, and home. Projects galore lay all around me, but in order to accomplish them, I need to start new with open eyes and an open mind to envision possibilities. At times we all need to do this. I’m entering the year with work unknowns on my plate so until I’m informed more on what lies ahead, I can focus on what I can do to better myself.

Think about the goals that you hope to accomplish in the coming year. Do it now before the new year begins and then start acting upon those goals. You’ll feel better about the outlook before you’re pressured to by society.


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