Posted by: karenevoss | January 11, 2016

Stop the Bullying

As children we may get teased. It’s when the teasing turns ugly that it transforms into bullying. Bullying can happen at school, on the playground, and other places children hang out. Sometimes the bullying goes to far and leads to anger where children act out in violence. Other children experience depression, which may or may not lead to childhood suicide. Surprisingly, the numbers have risen and that’s very sad. The CDC put out the following information regarding bullying and suicide.

Did you know bullying doesn’t just happen to children? It happens to adults in the workplace. According to the Wisconsin Healthy Workplace Advocates, workplace violence defines it as:

What is workplace violence?
Mobbing or bullying in the workplace is an infectious malady that spreads in whispers and malicious gossip, and includes any act which feeds off rumor, hearsay, and unfounded accusations. It is done with deliberate intent to have those targeted abused, threatened, intimidated, humiliated, embarrassed, or forced to leave their positions. Damage from it may be physical and/or emotional. These behaviors include:

  • Threatening behavior – such as shaking fists, destroying property or throwing objects.
  • Verbal or written threats – any expression of an intent to inflict harm or of dismissal
  • Verbal abuse – swearing, insults, sarcasm, or condescending language.
  • Physical attacks and assaults- hitting, shoving, pushing or kicking.
  • Any form of undermining behavior or work interference — sabotage — which prevents work from getting done
  • Unfair treatment, including holding the target to a different standard
  • Public humiliation
  • Credit for work is attributed to others
  • Denial of promotion or training opportunities
  • Being quick to criticize and slow to praise
  • Character assassination
  • Malicious rumors and smear campaigns
  • Social ostracism

While what’s listed here doesn’t only take place between employees and supervisors, but also between co-workers and teammates.

It takes courage and strength to address bullying in the workplace. Fear lays within the person being bullied thinking they’re going to get into trouble or that the bullying won’t stop. Standing up for yourself and the situation can lessen stress, improve your mental, emotional, and physical health, but it also shows that you’re not a victim anymore. It starts with you.

You can start by talking to someone you trust like a manager. If that person doesn’t do anything about it, find someone else. Keep going until the bullying eases and then goes away completely.

Don’t be a victim anymore.


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